New Finding Aids Website for Florida Archival & Manuscripts

The Special and Area Studies Department announces the release of a new University of Florida Archival & Manuscripts Finding Aids website at This new website will replace the older finding aid website with a system based on ArchivesSpace. ArchivesSpace is the leading archival content management system in the United States and is used by a large number of universities and archives including most institutions in Florida.

The migration to ArchivesSpace offers major improvements in search and browsing capabilities, streamlined workflows and presentation, greater ability to integrate with other archival software, and a more standardized interface which has been widely adopted by hundreds of universities and libraries both nationally and internationally.

To learn more about UF Archival & Manuscript Finding Aids please visit the Special & Area Studies Collections page

The older website and finding aids will still be available until May 2021 and can be accessed here.

Archival & Manuscripts Finding Aids web page