Publish globally, save locally: Free open access publishing in select journals for UF authors

Would you like to expand the readership of your research and increase its impact? Great news! The George A. Smathers Libraries are partnering with five publishers to bring cost savings to UF authors who elect to publish their work as open access.

Publishing a journal article open access makes it free to read from anywhere around the globe with 18% higher citation rates on average compared to articles locked behind journal subscriptions. Whereas open access publishers normally charge article processing charges (APCs) to authors, thanks to these new agreements, APCs are eliminated for corresponding authors at UF. These discounts are made possible by the Libraries’ memberships and subscription fees.

The five new publisher agreements are currently available to UF authors who submit to any and all journals published by:

  • Cambridge University Press
  • The Royal Society
  • Microbiology Society
  • The Biochemical Society
  • The Company of Biologists

Discounts on open access APCs are also available with other publishers. To learn, go to: or email

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