Recently Processed, Expanded or Revised Collections

The following collections in the Special and Area Studies Department have been recently processed, expanded or revised at the University of Florida.

Tim Lawrence

Tim Lawrence Papers, 1974-2019

Project files, photographs, artwork, A/V, movie and television props, and other files documenting the life and career of makeup and special effects artist, puppeteer, and actor Tim Lawrence. Tim Lawrence, a native of Jacksonville, Florida, had an extensive career in Hollywood working on numerous projects including Michael Jackson’s THRILLER, BEETLEJUICE, GHOSTBUSTERS 1 and 2, GREMLINS 2, HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS, HOWARD THE DUCK, JURASSIC PARK, and more.

Lamborn and Company Records, 1897-1985 (Bulk: 1906-1976)

The Lamborn Collection consists primarily of documents, publications and other materials related to the sugar brokerage firms, A. H. Lamborn and its successor, Lamborn & Company. It also includes personal accounts written by Ody H. Lamborn.

Standard Manufacturing Company Records, 1909-2016 (Bulk: 1910-1952)

Articles of incorporation, history, cashbooks/ledgers, video, and other documents related to the Standard Manufacturing Company. A fiber and brush factory that operated in Cedar Key from 1910 to 1952.

Mexico Tourism Collection / Colección del turismo en México, 1935-1962

Maps and brochures to promote tourism in Mexico from Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), Mexicana Airlines, Barbachano’s Travel Service, National Railways of Mexico, Dirección General de Turismo, and Yucatan Trails Travel Agency.

La colección contiene mapas y folletos de diferentes agencias de viajes y compañía petrolera para promover el turismo en México. Entre estas se encuentran: Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), Mexicana Airlines, Barbachano’s Travel Service, National Railways of Mexico, Dirección General de Turismo y Yucatan Trails Travel Agency

United States Invasion of Veracruz, Mexico Photo Postcard Collection, 1914

Archive of 139 postcards containing photographs of the landing of the U.S. Marines and Soldiers on April 21, 1914 in Veracruz, Mexico and the ensuing combat, deaths, damages, and invasion.

Kenneth Kerslake Papers, 1957-1970

Correspondence, journals, and sketches created by printmaker and University of Florida professor at the School of Art and Art History, Kenneth Kerslake.

Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Florida Records, 1973-1980

Collection contains information regarding the founding of the Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Florida.

Robert Q. Marston Papers, 1936-1988

Committees and Professional Organizations, Publications and Speeches, Travel files, Correspondence, Personal Materials, and Memorabilia of Robert Marston, a microbiologist, former Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and President of the University of Florida.

John Simmons Papers, 1976-1994 (Bulk: 1989-1990)

Correspondence, lectures, and American Accounting Association (AAA) files belonging to John K. Simmons, the inaugural Director of the Fisher School of Accounting at the Warrington College of Business, University of Florida.

Hal Reid Papers, 1960-2010

Photos, drawings, brochures, articles, and documents from the projects of Ocala based architect Hal Thomas Reid and his company Hal Thomas Reid Associates

Sanford Goldman Papers, 1949-2019 (Bulk: 1949-1998)

Photographs, drawings, and newspaper clippings of architectural projects of architect Sanford Goldman. Goldman studied under Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin in Wisconsin and practiced architecture in St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area for over 50 years.

Florida Archaeological Council Records, 1976-2007

The working papers, minutes, presidents’ correspondence, and administrative records of the Florida Archaeological Council.

Philharmonic Society of Gainesville Records, 1912-1972

Programs and performances sponsored by the Philharmonic Society of Gainesville as well as other society records.

J.J. Finley Letters, 1857-1999 (Bulk: 1957-1924)

Letters from J. J. Finley to family members.

Thomas (Tom) Willey Papers, 1980s-2003

The collection documents Tom Willey’s work in the United States, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Asia as the Latin America/Caribbean Director of World Relief Corporation and other religious organizations. The materials include documents, photographs, newspapers, news clippings, articles, magazines, newsletters, pamphlets, and correspondence.

1912 Florida Tourist Photographs, 1912

Photo album containing photographs of a trip from New York to Florida. Examples include Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Tampa, Orlando, and Washington D.C. There are 74 photos, one map of Florida rail lines, and two souvenir prints of Virginia.