How Communications Can Help You

Mission Statement

The communications team at The George A. Smathers Libraries is dedicated to amplifying the voices of knowledge, community, and innovation. Our mission involves strategically communicating the diverse and invaluable resources offered by the Libraries, fostering collaboration within the university and the wider community. 

Committed to excellence and efficiency, the team utilizes storytelling to inspire and unite, supporting the university’s mission of advancing knowledge and empowering individuals. 

Our goal is to create momentum through a vibrant communication landscape that reflects the dynamic spirit of the University of Florida, making it an indispensable resource for the entire Gator Nation.

Communications for Smathers Libraries’ faculty and staff

The Director of Marketing & Communications works collaboratively with library administration, faculty and staff and the UF Foundation, Inc., to offer and coordinate services to enhance the visibility and accurately project the key messages and image of the George A. Smathers Libraries. The director develops and coordinates efforts to disseminate information about the Smathers Libraries to the academic, library and general communities at the local, state and national levels. This includes news releases and feature article writing and distribution, design of digital and printed materials and publications, coordinated outreach activities and response to media queries.

The director serves as editor, writer, designer and photographer of the libraries’ newsletter, News from the Source, and is responsible for upholding the University of Florida’s institutional identity standards.

How the Director of Communications can help you:

When planning an event, workshop, speaker, etc., library faculty and staff are encouraged to involve the Director of Communications early in the planning stages to ensure that adequate time is given to strategically promote library events or new policy notification to both internal and external audiences.

  • Materials to be distributed that are not designed and produced by the Director of Communications should maintain the Libraries’ image and follow UF’s identity standards.
  • All news releases on behalf of the George A. Smathers Libraries are issued by the Director of Marketing & Communications to maintain consistent media relations.

Examples of how you can work with the Director of Communications:

  • Digital and printed publications concept, design and production and printing guidance
  • Integrated marketing and promotion planning and scheduling
  • Submission to media and other outlets to promote your event or news item
  • Event photography
  • News release writing and dissemination
  • Addition to News and Highlights web page with link on home page under events
  • Internal and external communications
  • Promotional supplies and resources: check out video camera, table coverings with logo, button maker and easels
  • Libraries branded SWAG giveaways for public events
  • Social media promotions

If you would like assistance with a project, event or news item communications or have questions, please contact the Director of Communications.