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Welcome to the George A. Smathers Brand Center. Here you’ll find elements, inspiration and guidelines for creating materials for telling our story. Our brand is expertise, individualized and available.

Brand Elements


UF’s color palette is bold and distinctive. It relies primarily on our heritage colors of orange and blue, along with generous white space. 

Libraries Templates and More


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Design Standards

  • All documents/publications/flyers, etc should include our official logo, centered at the bottom of the page.
  • All print and website design should meet accessibility standards.
  • While each library has been assigned a UF secondary color, UF branding standards should be followed on all design. Reach out to with questions.

Editorial Guide

Use the following style guide when referring to the George A. Smathers Libraries.

  • The first time the Libraries are mentioned use: The George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida. After that, use the George A. Smathers Libraries or Smathers Libraries.
  • The Libraries system is plural: The George A. Smathers Libraries are… (not is).
  • The original library on campus is the “Smathers Library,” NOT Library East. The name was changed from Library East in 1987 after a major renovation.
  • “Library West” is the official name of the Humanities and Social Sciences Library.
  • The official name of the Libraries system is “George A. Smathers Libraries.” It was changed from “UF Libraries” in 1991 in honor of the late Senator George A. Smathers.
  • The Smathers Libraries system includes six library buildings: Architecture & Fine Arts Library, Education Library, Health Science Center Libraries (includes Borland Library in Jacksonville), Library West (Humanities & Social Sciences), Marston Science Library, Smathers Library (Special & Area Studies Collections)
  • The seventh library on campus is the Legal Information Center, which is part of the Levin College of Law and not the George A. Smathers Libraries system. If referring to ALL libraries use “UF Libraries.” Otherwise, use “George A. Smathers Libraries.”

For more information about the George A. Smathers Libraries see our Libraries at a Glance and Libraries history and timeline.

The Libraries’ web page is:

Social Media

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Web Style Guide

The George A. Smathers Libraries are committed to following universal design principles to create websites which provide access to all users regardless of their abilities, their disabilities, or the limitations of their equipment and software.

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